On August 3 and 4 I was fortunate to take part in the annual Mt. Washington Valley Art in the Park. Held in the center of North Conway, NH, this yearly event displays the works of artists of every medium and draws thousands of visitors.

I am also proud to be a new member of the organizations’s board of directors. During my two days in the park I met so many wonderful people and made many contacts for paintings. With the help of my friends I was able to set up a number of paintings for display and sale and made many contacts for promotion and work. It was an amazing weekend!

Life as an artist? I never would have imagined it possible even though I did it for a short time in conjunction with other free lance work two decades ago. Now, with an earlier retirement than I had planned, it seems my best and most desirable option. I have already been fortunate to make a living in a job I loved as the director of our local animal shelter, so this is another way to help animal lovers – by creating an artistic remembrance of their animal family members. I have painted mostly dogs and cats, one turtle and one lizard, a few people, and will be soon be painting a portrait of a horse. I am currently working in watercolors, but hope to get back to oils and acrylics at some point soon.

I have heard it said “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I am making art, and hopefully making people happy in the process, myself included. Thank you to all who have supported me in this effort and who continue to do so, I am eternally grateful.

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