When starting a business, nothing ruins focus quite like an excited new pet. If you’re experiencing some hassle from your newest non-human while launching your startup, don’t worry – you’re not alone. We’ve scoured the internet and picked out the best strategies to ensure that both you and your buddy are kept content.

Distraction Methods

Whether it’s a dog, cat, parrot or goldfish, your best bet for keeping your pet away from your computer in the short-term is with a distraction. Toy designs tend to differ depending on the animal, and it’s worth taking size, material and durability into consideration before you make your purchase. Large dog chew toys, for example, whilst more expensive than toys for small birds, tend to last longer. You’ll also want to factor noise into your equation – if it squeaks, it might become vexing when you’re trying to draw up spreadsheets!

If your situation is a little more pressing (or you want to save money), there are plenty of DIY homemade toy solutions. Something as simple as a ball of rope with some peanut butter inside or a bottle in a sock can keep your pal busy for hours. If you have an outdoor space, another good strategy is to play hide and seek with their favorite treats.

Helping Hands

When you’re trying to raise a respectable, functioning animal of society, it’s usually worth bringing in help. Dog walkers, for instance, can be quite pricey, but there’s no better way to ensure that your puppy is getting plenty of attention, mental stimulation and making new friends. Remember to check recommendations, online reviews and ask plenty of questions before you hire one. If you have a cat and your neighbors or friends are busy, you can hire a professional sitter (yes, they exist) to either spend some time with your feline friend or take them in at a boarding facility.


Another solution is to hire an actual trainer. Trainers are beneficial as they can help guide your pet’s behavior from an early age. Remember, whether dog, cat or bird, trainers are a step above a walker and can give you more time to spend on your business!


Time Management


It’s important to spend as much time as possible with a new pet. This is important as they learn to socialize, develop healthy relationships and form personal bonds with their owners. The thing standing in your way is (usually) time – are you getting enough of it?


Oftentimes, you can free some up for yourself just by the way you conduct your work. For example, if you’re planning on starting a business in NH by forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you can save time by utilizing a formation service. If you aren’t familiar with LLCs, know that they can benefit your business by granting tax advantages and offering greater flexibility. Remember to check your state’s LLC formation regulations as these differ depending on region.


Alternatively, you could schedule work hours to run more amicably with your pet’s sleeping schedule. If you can be more flexible with your timetable, you might be able to keep up with business operations without losing any facetime with your companion.


However you manage this new dynamic of juggling entrepreneurship with pet ownership, remember to have fun and enjoy it. As long as you can multi-task and you know a few clever distraction tactics, then you’re barking up the right tree.


Virginia Moore is a pet portrait artist based in Conway, NH. If you’re interested in commissioning your very own hand-painted pet portrait, send an email to contact@vmoorepetportraits.com or call (603) 520-8230.

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