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Purr-fessional: Working As An Entrepreneur In Harmony With Your New Pet – Guest Blogger Cindy Aldridge

When starting a business, nothing ruins focus quite like an excited new pet. If you’re experiencing some hassle from your newest non-human while launching your startup, don’t worry – you’re not alone. We’ve scoured the internet and picked out the best strategies to ensure that both you and your buddy are kept content. Distraction Methods […]

Dogs in England

I just spent three weeks in Cornwall England and this is what I learned: Never I have been someplace where people love and honor dogs more. It seems every local has at least one dog, and they walk them everywhere. Almost every business allows dogs in with their people, and if a dog is lost […]

Harry the Cat

Harry the Cat showed up on my Facebook memory today. He joined our animal family on this day, August 31, in 2010. He was a feral kitten who lingered at the shelter until he was 5-months old  because he was not friendly or social and he glared at anyone who dare come near his cage. […]

The First One…

Everyone remembers their firsts. First day of school, fist date, first crush, first kiss, first job, first heartbreak, well, you get the idea. I am telling the story of my first pet portrait, the one that started all of this. This, which as it seems is saving my sanity, my sense of self worth, and […]

When Life Gives You Lemons…

On August 3 and 4 I was fortunate to take part in the annual Mt. Washington Valley Art in the Park. Held in the center of North Conway, NH, this yearly event displays the works of artists of every medium and draws thousands of visitors. I am also proud to be a new member of […]