Welcome To Pet Portraits by Virginia Moore

Virginia began painting as a youngster, first with coloring books and then painted anything that included bright colors. Drawing, painting and photography were early life hobbies that continued into the present.  Art classes were always the favorite in high school, and she majored in Fine Arts at Ohio State before getting derailed by having to make a living.

She worked as a graphic artist, teacher, hiking guide and most recently she retired from a 14-year career as the Executive Director of an Animal Shelter.A great lover of animals and the outdoors, she spends her time with her dogs and cats, as well as her kayak.

Virginia lives in Conway, NH and has been doing watercolor pet portraits since 1997.

Examples Of My Work

What pet lovers say about me

Virginia captured our beautiful Golden Chow’s eyes perfectly — and now, his beautiful portrait reminds us daily of what joy Buster the Wonder Dog (and CAHS alum) brought to our lives. We miss him terribly, but this gorgeous likeness done from a photo before he died, helps to fill our hearts.

Marcus was the sweetest, most intelligent and happiest cat ever. We adored him but he left our lives way too soon. Virginia artfully captured the essence of Marcus in the painting that we cherish. His little collar and tag rest on the frame of this wonderful Virginia Moore creation.

Virginia has painted two portraits for me. One for each of my cats. Rosie my tortoiseshell cat was the first one. Most tortoiseshell cats have all of the colors that cats come in among their fur. She captured Rosie perfectly from a couple of pictures that I gave her. Rose’s expression was exact. Virginia chose a white background and all of Rosie’s colors were perfect.

Recently I asked her to do another portrait of my cat Fred. Fred is a tuxedo with handsome markings. I asked her if she could do a full length frontal view of him and would she be able to paint all his colors in and without hesitation she said “of course”. She did just that. When I saw the finished portrait I teared up it was a perfect likeness of him.

I have shown many people both portraits she has done for me. Everyone has nothing but WOW to say. She is a very talented artist and it’s easy to see that she puts lots of time and love into every one.

It isn’t easy to capture the personality and interior traits of an animal through art, Virginia, but you nailed the inquisitiveness, curiosity, loyalty and wonder of my feline, Sergeant Purrington.  I can’t help but smile when I see the watercolor…and then smile again to see her giving me that same look while she is seated on the floor.